Helping young people reach their full potential


Through detailed assessment that enables a precise understanding of your child, Lucy identifies key areas of strength and weakness in their development and learning. This enables us to promote long term success and maximise true potential.

Her specialism:

Lucy is a doctor who specialises in the development and education of children and young people.
She has extensive training and experience in working out when a child’s learning or development is considered atypical, as in the case of dyslexia, speech and language impairment, dyspraxia, attention deficit and hyperactivity, and autism spectrum.
Parents may seek an assessment due to their own questions about their child and it is important to take these seriously. Concerns may also be raised by their teacher or a health professional.
An assessment is helpful when questions relate to:
  • Academic weaknesses or strengths that set them apart from same-age peers
  • Difficulties with aspects of learning such as, reading, spelling, writing, maths, speech and language
  • Problems with organisation, memory or motor co-ordination
  • Limitations in sustained attention, distractibility, physical overactivity and impulsiveness
  • A slow speed of working
  • Assessing a child's academic potential to enable educational planning
  • A deterioration in academic success over time
  • Difficulties in social interactions, making and keeping friends
  • Being unhappy at school for some time
  • A discrepancy between a child’s apparent ability and their level of achievement
  • Developmental delay
  • Longstanding challenges over the completion of prep
The earlier specific learning problems are identified, the easier it is to provide targeted support.