dr lucy brown wright
Having completed a first degree in Psychology and then qualifying in Arts Therapies, she undertook her Doctorate degree in Psychology. Her specialist training was with children and adolescents within the Tavistock Clinic. After qualifying as a Psychologist in 1999, Lucy went on to work within multi-professional Child and Adolescent Services within the NHS. She has since specialised in the areas of education, neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, psychopharmacology and the assessment of autism spectrum at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she was based for close to twenty years. During this time, she was the Lead Psychologist for assessing highly complex young people with neurodevelopment difficulties from all over the United Kingdom and beyond. Her clinical experience is considerable as a result.
Lucy has been in private practice for twenty years. She has longstanding positive collaboration with a number of highly selective independent schools in and around London and the UK. These schools refer to Lucy to ask her opinion. It is common for Lucy to undertake assessments within the school to enable close communication and collaboration. Whilst Lucy has considerable professional training and experience, perhaps most importantly she is also a mother of two boys. Ultimately, this has been a central influence in shaping her understanding about child development, education and trajectories.
She contributes to peer review journals, books and has given papers at national and international conferences, alongside presenting to both public and professional audiences and engaging with the media more broadly. Lucy has published in the areas of neurodevelopment, autism spectrum disorder, adolescence, eating disorders, attachment and looked after children.

Professional Affiliations

  • Full Member of the Health & Care Professionals Council
  • Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society
  • Full Member of the Division of Clinical Psychology
  • Full Member of the DCP Faculty for Children, Young People & Families
  • Full Member of the Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health